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This game is so freaking awesome dude!! Youre a genius. S2


Very creative and very annoying (but in a good way!)

Favorite Game

Fun and challenging

Beautiful & Challenging

This is a fun & interesting game with simple but beautiful graphics. The puzzles are unlike any Ive seen and really make you think to uncover the solutions. As to its addictiveness, the best comparison I can come up with is the game Riker brought back from Risa in Star Trek that entranced the entire crew of the Enterprise. But you know, much less evil than that. So far...


This game is so creative!

Like nothing youve ever played before

The most innovative game Ive seen on the App Store since I bought an iPhone. Makes you rethink the possibilities of gaming. Forces you to literally think outside the box, get outside, pay attention to the world around you, and interact with your phone and the world in extremely inventive way. Would give six stars if possible.


Fiendishly clever. I love it!

Love it but pretty expensive

The game is great but its pay to win


It is a very self-challenging game! It only shows you how great you can be!

Amazingly Frustrating

This game is the perfect definition of madness through challenge

Awesomeness straight up

I love this game! Its challenging enough to make me want to keep going at it until I figure it out. I might just be addicted (:


The puzzles really make you think and they become so obvious after you complete them! I really like this game and Im so close to getting all the lights!

Absolutely beautiful

I love the graphic design of the app and this game is probably in the top ten for me in Logic games! It really integrated all of the special features of the phone specifically using it. My only complaint is theres some bug I think on a light that requires my thumb print. Ill hold it there and Ive tried all that I can think of to make it work and it just didnt seem to work:/. Other wise its a wonderful app and I love the way it unlocks new lights for you!!

Black box review

This is a great, mind blowing game!

Creative ...but boring

Lengths to solve puzzles are interesting but it could be better than pressing phone buttons or tilting

Oh cool!

I never knew I was this smart. ;)


I just cant get enough of this game, I hope you make a second one or something!



Lots of fun

Really requires you to think and is a great time waster! Love it!!

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