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Super game

Perfect! You deserve more than 5 stars !

Great game! Love the concept

Finally something new in the world of puzzles games. Refreshing and addictive!! Congrats!

Best bully review of the store

Bully you into reviewing by giving you rewards! Genius!

A really cool game

Awesome use of different kind of interactions really a cool game

Really inventive

And beautiful design



Very cool game

This is a very cool game. It really makes you go outside of the box.

Top !

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Un grand merci pour ce jeu original !


Delightfully frustrating!

I love it!

So creative, that was exacly what I was looking for ^^ Congratulations to all the crew who made this, you guys rock


Muito bom, muito criativo , fez meu cérebro fritar!!!!


frustrating and amazing


i just cant stop playing even i cant make all the boxes shine

Awesome game

Best one!!!

Nice game

10/10 would play again, and again, and again.

F*cking awesome!!!!

Best game ive ever played on my iphone! Thanksss


This game is so freaking awesome dude!! Youre a genius. S2


Sehr originell

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